Baris is an authentic and refreshing Turkish dining which awaits your experience at the heart of city’s most exciting piazza GK 2. Baris is located in the middle of lush green patch of the masjid moth market and offers a peek into the Turkish aesthetic with its arabesque windows emboweled by the intricately designed vintage-style tiles.

The menu spreads across traditional and inspired dishes from the region, giving an unparalleled experience to our guests. The place offers a fine dining seating on the second floor and for those love the chill vibes we have our rooftop with Sheesha and lounge setting to make the most out of the stay at Baris.
We started Baris to provide a new and fresh insight to the Turkish food and the lifestyle which is clearly visible in our ambiance and the food menu, stating a large part of their culture and culinary offerings to the world.

The Interiors of the place is spitting Architect of perfect Turkish architecture, blended with contemporary techniques in search of new synthesis. During the day the sun light enlightens the land of crescent moon as it pierces through the sheaths of Baris. The luminous candles, the calmness of beige color and the majestic chandelier blend together with the walls and wanted middle eastern musical beats to establish a placid atmosphere and make you feel self obsessed.

During the night you can beam yourself under the sky and have a chilled out time while gazing the stars and smoking the traditional Mediterranean heritage i.e. the hookah at the laid back lounge section at the rooftop with all the peace around you.